Seven manages primetime win with X Factor as leadership spill leads to disjointed night for TV

leadership spill screen shotThe Liberal party’s leadership spill led to a disjointed night on all of the main TV networks last night, with different networks dumping shows in different states at varying times to cover the leadership vote live.

While the overnight OzTam results show the timecodes for the originally programmed shows all the networks broke to cover the leadership announcement live from around 9.45pm (AEST).

For the announcement of the results Nine had a dedicated show from 9.45pm to 10.30pm (AEST), Seven ran a ten minute special for the announcement at 9.48pm, and a 20 minute news special from 10.34pm AEST. Ten ran normal programming until 9.44pm then had a news special until 10.56pm replacing normal programming.

The ABC ran special rolling coverage all evening on its main channel, relegating its regular programming to multichannel ABC2. Its ABC News 24 channel managed a strong 6.1 per cent audience share to be the fourth msot-watched channel of the night.

News of the spill started leaking at around 4pm, with Nine’s Afternoon news from 4pm to 5.30pm picking up 235,000 viewers, and Ten’s Eyewitness News at 5pm getting 508,000 viewers.

Seven stuck with showing the debut of its new gameshow The Chase which had 520,000 viewers at 5pm before jumping to a healthy 720,000 at 5.30pm when Nine switched to Hot Seat which had 620,000 viewers.

Nine won the 6pm news battle with 1.178m viewers at 6pm and 1.146m at 6.30pm, while Seven had 1.09m for its 6pm showing and 1.043m for its 6.30pm and Today Tonight offering. Ten had Family Feud with 620,000 viewers at 6pm while The Project from 6.30pm had 497,00, jumping to  634,000 at 7pm.

Seven had the strongest timeslot of the night from the 7.30 – 9pm with 1.22m viewers according to OzTam overnight metro ratings, which saw the X Factor air uninterrupted the east coast markets, with a ten-minute break in Adelaide and Perth for the leadership spill result at 9.48pm AEST.

That was well ahead of Nine’s offering of The Block from 7.30pm to 8.40pm which had 891,000 viewers, and Nine also managed to squeeze in House Husbands which ran until 9.45pm in the eastern markets which got 748,000.

Ten meanwhile saw The Biggest Loser at 7.30pm struggle against its competitors with 685,000 for it’s hour long run – up on its launch show on Sunday which had 646,000- while Have You Been Paying Attention at 8.30pm had 566,000 viewers.

Seven won the night for audience share with 20.5 per cent, just ahead of Nine’s 19.1 per cent and ABC on 17.1 per cent, leading Ten on 11.5 per cent. In total network share Seven just pipped ABC by 0.1 per cent, with News 24 buoying the public broadcaster.

Top 15 shows:

1 THE X FACTOR-MON Network Seven 1,220,000

2 NINE NEWS Network Nine 1,178,000

3 NINE NEWS 6:30 Network Nine 1,146,000

4 SEVEN NEWS Network Seven 1,090,000

5 7.30-EV Network ABC 1,058,000

6 SEVEN NEWS / TODAY TONIGHT Network Seven 1,043,000

7 A CURRENT AFFAIR Network Nine 1,016,000

8 ABC NEWS-EV Network ABC 985,000

9 THE BLOCK -MON Network Nine 891,000

10 MEDIA WATCH-EV Network ABC 868,000

11 AUSTRALIAN STORY-EV Network ABC 805,000

12 HOME AND AWAY Network Seven 778,000

13 HOUSE HUSBANDS Network Nine 748,000

14 Q&A-LE Network ABC 739,000

15 FOUR CORNERS-EV Network ABC 731,000

Audience share by channel:

Network 7 20.5%

Network 9 19.1%

Network ABC 17.1%

Network TEN 11.5%

Network ABC News 24 6.1%

Network 7TWO 4.1%

Network ABC2 3.9%

Network SBS 3.8%

Network GO! 3.3%

Network 7mate 3.1%

Network ONE 2.2%

Network ELEVEN 2.0%

Network Gem 2.1%

Network SBS 2 0.7%

Network ABC3 0.4%

Network NITV 0.0%

Total Network Share:

Network 7 TTL 27.6%

Network ABC TTL 27.5%

Network 9 TTL 24.6%

Network TEN TTL 15.7%

Network SBS TTL 4.5% 5.5%

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Introducing Two New Executives to the Kissmetrics Team

We’ve made 2 big hires we’d love to tell you about.

Paul O’Leary, Chief Technology Officer




Paul joined Kissmetrics in August as our Chief Technology Officer. He brings a ton of knowledge about big data and analytics. He has more than 20 years of technology development experience with more than 10 at the executive leadership level, most recently as VP of Engineering at Concurrent. There he helped build the industry’s first application performance management solution for big data.

Prior to that he was the co-founder (along with Kissmetrics CEO, Brian Kelly) of Quantivo, an analytics company that was acquired by Aggregate. Quantivo achieved many industry-first innovations in building and scaling a powerful cloud-based analytics infrastructure specifically focused on advanced analytics for marketing and retail.

Now he’ll focus on bringing even more performance, scale and analytic capability to Kissmetrics’s cloud-based infrastructure and solutions.

I asked Paul what his proudest technological achievement is. Here’s his answer:

“[My] proudest achievements are always the awesome teams [I’ve] helped to build and lead. Great technology is built by great teams.”

Paul is a team guy. We’re thrilled to have him join our rock-star engineering team.

Maura Ginty, VP of Marketing




Maura joined us in May as our VP of Marketing. She has more than 15 years of online marketing experience. She’s advised on integrated marketing at Fortune 500 companies as well as small businesses, primarily for travel and software companies. She’s also written 2 books on digital marketing (one on B2B marketing and the other on landing page optimization) and is an alumni of the Google Technology Advisory Council. She’s had a number of marketing jobs in her career, most recently serving as Head of Marketing at GeoEx.

She got into marketing from the editorial and digital marketing side, back when digital was new and the underdog of marketing budgets. As we see more about how analytics, conversion optimization, and behavioral data serves both customers and marketers — marketing still proves to be the best combination of art and science.

I asked her why she’s excited for the challenges of working at Kissmetrics. Here’s her answer:

“Kissmetrics is at the heart of all of these favorites. We share the excitement of marketing and all the best techniques to make it the most fascinating and ever-evolving field.”

In her spare time, Maura travels to farflung corners of the planet as a cover for her obsessions with maps, local cheese, and obscure languages.

How This Helps Kissmetrics & Marketers

With this new leadership, Maura is going to help us introduce Kissmetrics to the right people; Paul will help us build an analytics infrastructure that is ahead of its time.

Since 2008, Kissmetrics has been building a product that helps marketers measure and optimize their marketing. We’ve built a solid product thus far, and we’re taking it even farther just this summer:

  • we launched Engage, a conversion optimization tool that nudges visitors and users towards action. We’re already iterating on the product. This past week we launched custom colors, allowing our customers to design their engagements with whatever colors they choose.
  • we’ve updated the navigation, allowing a more horizontal view of data and reduces the amount of steps to view a saved report.
  • customers can now use date range within filters. This can help answer questions like: How is my sign-up conversion rate affected if people don’t view the pricing page in the past 30 days?
  • Marketing isn’t just about first and last touch attribution. That’s why we’ve added multi-touch attribution. Using this feature you’ll be able to see the source of every conversion.
  • We’ve added LiveChat, Segment, Woocommerce and Shopify as integrations. You can see how chat customer segments behave or easily add Kissmetrics to different stores via plugins.

And we’ve got some big plans for what’s ahead. You’ll hear about them shortly. Our team is working hard everyday to help build a product customers love.

Interested in Joining Us?

We’ve got a fun road ahead. Check out our careers page to learn more about our culture and the open positions. We’re currently hiring engineers and customer success superstars.

SmoothFM lives the brand with experiential relaxation station in shopping malls

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 9.42.33 AMSmoothFM is giving shoppers in Sydney and Melbourne the chance to escape their everyday lives for a five-minutes in a ‘relaxation station’.

The new experiential campaign, created by UM and Ensemble features a custom-built booth which was installed overnight in the Macquarie Shopping Centre in Sydney which invites shoppers to have a “sensory experience”.

Users enter the ‘pod,’ lie on a comfortable mattress and enter their current mood (happy, mellow, loving or stressed) onto an iPad. The pod then plays a five-minute selection of music from Smooth’s playlist based on the answers.

It will be moved around the country to other Westfield centres in Sydney and Melbourne.

The songs are introduced by presenters Smooth Mel Doyle, Cameron Daddo, Richard Wilkins and David Campbell, while giving the user some built-in massage therapy while they relax.

Smooth FM commissioned the largest neuroscience study earlier this year, which proved being relaxed helps user engagement with content. The relaxation station aims to support the findings by distracting the user completely from everyday life in order to encompass them in a relaxing environment.

Tim Hodgson, Ensemble Managing Director said: “This project is a great demonstration of a brand driving an emotion in its audience through an immersive activation. The experience has been created with a globally imported and modified piece of technology, tailored to the Smooth FM’s requirements, to deliver the ultimate moment of relaxation… something we all need more of!”

Leanne Glamuzina-Gibb, Nova Entertainment’s group marketing manager said: “It’s an interactive, not intrusive experience. We had previously used massage therapy when promoting the Smooth FM brand but the opportunity to trial the station was missing. We wanted to bring those two worlds together. People have busy lives, so popping in for five minutes gives enough time for people to relax.”

Nova has bought the ‘pod’ technology from a company in Germany and are planning to use it for various executions in the future across all of Smooth FM’s partnerships, including marketing to media agencies who have the opportunity to host the station.

Glamuzina-Gibb said: “It’s both a consumer and a trade execution. We market to agencies to include in their media buys, but there’s a focus on the consumer side of things – a social sharing aspect, where we invite users to share their experience on social media. We are relying on word of mouth to get people talking about it.”

Smooth topped the Sydney FM radio ratings for the first time last month.

Danielle Sen

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